Its a Hobby.

             It was just another night. The music crashed against us as we crashed against each other. Hands, arms, legs and torsos, all being beat down by the music, alcohol and various other chemicals. I wasn’t listening to the boom of the base or the crash of the drums. I was waiting, wanting and anxious.

            The hit came from behind, a sharp jab in my kidney. I smiled quickly and turned.

            “What the fuck!” I screamed above the boom.

                The freak stood there looking at me. His piercings were overdone and way too numerous to be legit. These wannabe pseudo freaks made me so angry. Swearing isn’t my thing, but to get a response it is sometimes necessary. The pseudo-freak fell for it as they all did. He swung at me like a sloth swatting a fly. I ducked easily and came up with an uppercut under his jaw. His head snapped and he teetered, but whatever he was on was running him. Sure he was a big fella and his 6’2” frame should have my 5’7” beat. Luckily I have a secret weapon they didn’t. Excuse my language but, I fucking lived for this shit.

              It is always amazing how quickly space is given to a couple of guys fighting. In my life I have marvelled at how quickly the circle is formed and of course how quickly sides are taken. I will admit I am often the one routed for. I am not a big guy and not really that tough looking. If you saw me walking down the street you would probably not even notice me. I am not a fashionable teen either. I wear baggy clothes from Wal-Mart, I have no piercings or tattoos and my hair is on the thin side of balding. Thanks Mom!

            This guy was going to be tough. His eyes were glazed over and fire-red. I wasn’t sure if it was anger or the pharmaceuticals, either way he was feeling no pain. That would make it hard but not impossible. Unlike the movies, drug induced crazy still answered to the correct punch. He dove at me and I side-stepped, kicking out my leg and taking him off his feet. He fell face first onto the sweat soaked floor and I heard a crunch that was possibly his nose. I knew this would cloud his vision and give me a bit more of an even field.

            Don’t make the mistake of thinking I am some ninja trained martial artist. I am not. I get hurt as often as I hurt someone. I have lost and won and this has given me my best training. When I am in the zone I am calmer than I am in everyday life. It’s weird, but I will tell you all about it after I beat this asshole unconscious, again sorry about the language.

            As I moved to the pierced hulk, he starting to get up. I landed a solid kid to his lower back and heard him grunt. I jumped down and wrapped my arm around his neck. If you can stop oxygen from flowing to the brain most will pass out. The trick is leverage. If your victim, I mean opponent can’t get up you have won. It is a pretty basic move, and works 7 out of 10 times. This time was number 8, the hulk just stood up with me on his back.

            Being in a piggy back scenario is not a good place to be. If the hulk was aware of his surrounding all he would have to do is flip back on top of me and I would be done. He was not that aware and stumbled around trying to grab me. The cheers from the crowd were getting to be louder than the boom. A myriad of curses hit my ears. I needed to quicken this up. I had school in the morning.

            I dropped down to the floor and hit another upper cut squarely into the pierced hulks balls. He wasn’t as stoned as I thought because he went down hard. I kicked him in the temple and it was over. A temple kick will knock out anyone. Make a note. I turned to the cheers of the crowd and left as quickly as I could. I needed to get some sleep, I had a physics quiz in 6 hours.



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