The rain washed over me, I turned my head up to face it. There was no way I would let it win. It attacked me with ease, dowsing me in its cold needle attack. I ran, not because I was scared, but because I knew it had the numbers on its side. I ducked into a phone booth, safe for the moment.

I shook like a dog, trying to get some of the wet off my clothes. The wet doesn’t like shelter; it likes the company of others. I take of my big jacket and hang it on the phone. It is chilly tonight, I start shivering almost immediately. Damn rain.

I remember when I started hating the rain. I was twelve. I saw it attack my dog. No one really knew what was happening, but my dog suffered for hours. We were too scared to let it in the house. It yelped and whimpered while the rain did its worst to him. After, we sat in front of the television listening to the news.

“Reports are coming in of strange attacks that appear to be cause by the sudden world-wide downpour. Washington has already dispatched a team to investigate. We are asking that everyone stay indoors and ensure to stay out of this event. We will update you as soon as we have more information.”

We sat there staring at the screen as a rerun of Seinfeld played. I used to like Seinfeld, but now I only have the memory of my dog and the beginning of the end of life on earth. Funny that when I was twelve I had already figured out what was happening. Adults look for logical answers; kids look for fantasy to become reality. Within three hours my guess-work proved to be correct.

“We are going live to a news conference at the White house. President Obama will now take the podium.”

I watch this new president take the stage. He had a look of concern that pierced me deeply. All of us crowded around the set were anxious, but I feared the most, because I knew.

“My fellow Americans, we have been studying a phenomenon that is unparalleled in our history. A rain has been falling globally for the last few hours. This rain has already saturated and degraded the ice caps and caused significant flooding across the globe. Our own scientists have studied this precipitation and the findings are sensational.”

I remember he paused, licked his dry lips, and took a sip of water. Though I didn’t hear it, he sighed and I knew that life was never to be the same.

“Most of the rain is just rain, however we have discovered that some drops contain a type of nano-technology that is not terrestrial. This technology seems to be some sort of mechanical device that attacks whatever organic life it lands on. It begins to burrow into any creature it comes in contact with. It then sends a signal of some sort which allows other drops to pinpoint the original. If the organic life form does not take cover in time, well, the results are deadly and painful. These robots, for lack of a better term, seem to have one purpose. That purpose is to destroy life on earth.”

The last word brought a barrage of questions from the audience. The reporter cut in and said they would update us with any further communication. Of course the television stopped working ten minutes after the broadcast. My twelve-year-old brain was surprised by how long it took. This was an invasion, not an event. This was an alien species coming to take the planet from us and the “giants of earth” were no match for their technology. These tiny aliens in their small spaceships were going to win.

I laughed out loud when the radio blared out a brief message.

“The robots have been examined under our most powerful electron microscopes. The original hypothesis was incorrect. There are living beings in the miniature crafts. I repeat…alien beings. Earth is under attack!”

The radio stopped. I turned to my parents and smiled. Twelve year olds are a lot stronger than most realize. I would live to see my parents die, my sister die. I would be the last in our family to survive. I was not as careless as the rest. I have been living for nine years, running from place to place. Keeping covered, but mostly making sure I was never in the rain long. Time has weakened the amount of crafts in the rain, but they are still there.

The main reason they will win is they are patient. This was never a quick invasion plan, they have invested billions of crafts and pilots. They have attacked communications and food supplies. They have killed millions of people and tons of food stocks. They are patient, if they do not get us starvation will.

I am in this phone booth shivering as I tazer my wet jacket. The electrical pulse kills the invaders that may be lurking on it. My bike helmet and visor are repellent to the crafts and we know they are water based life forms. Without water they die. I have adapted and I am surviving.

I am unsure how much longer I can survive. I am unsure how many are still surviving. I will continue and hope. I stopped praying to God. You see I am starting to believe that this has happened before…a rain that destroyed so much but one man that stayed covered. I need to find a boat. I am laughing again.


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