Odd Couple.

“A sorrier sight I have never seen!” She yelled at him. She always yelled at him. It wasn’t that she didn’t love him. He just drove her nuts.

From the first day they met, he managed to annoy her like no one else could. The way he talked, on and on about nothing. Even when it was obvious no one was listening he kept going. The way he walked, kicking out his toes a bit too far in some weird dance move.

Still, she fell in love with him. It must have been true that opposites attract. In her heart, way down, he was the man for her. She would yell at him, degrade him, laugh at him and he would smile and say “yes dear.” That annoyed her too. he would never get angry, he would just smile.

She had never hit him, though she had wanted to on many occasions. The way he stared at her for no reason. The way he always showed up in the room she was in. Those stupid poems he was always giving her, spouting love and praise for her in rhyming nonsense…pathetic.

Still she loved him. She couldn’t say it like he did over and over again. She never imagined her life without him. Even when yelling, she sighed deeply in her heart for him.

The way he talked incessantly, keeping her amused. The way he walked was sometimes cute and child like. The way he always looked at her with love in his eyes. The way he was always there to comfort her and the words he wrote that sometimes were not as much nonsense as she told him they were. She kept them all in a shoebox under the bed.

She looked at him, “a sorrier sight I have never seen,” she whispered, gently running her fingers over his photograph. Tears fell down her cheeks…

“God I miss you.”


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