The Lovers

They stood on the roof of the high-rise. Holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes with such love. They hummed to each other, their favourite song and turned to the edge of the rooftop. Before them was a brightly lit cityscape. 30 floors gave them a lovely view of the river and tonight the barges blew their horns in remembrance of the lovers.

“It is so nice up here,” the man said.

“Yes, the breeze is nice. It was so hot downstairs,’ The woman replied.

“Remember when we first met Marni?”

“Who could forget?” She smiled at him with a raised brow.

“I wasn’t talking about that, but come to think of it.” he let his voice trail off.

“My, my, Sam. Are we getting nostalgic?”

“Well, now that you mention it. Remember last year. The stars were out, the boats were singing to us like tonight and we…well we enjoyed our time together.”

“Yes darling I remember it well, but we have no blankets, no wine…”

“But we have each other, we could still relive parts of it.”

“Like we did last summer? Oh that would be lovely.”

They held hands looking out at the stars and being with each other completely. Sam wrapped his arm around Marni and she wrapped her arm around Sam. They looked at each other and felt the feelings they always felt for each other. A need to carry on to love to be in this moment.

Sam pressed his lips to hers and she willingly returned the kiss. It was as sweet as the first time and lasted just as long. Before it ended they allowed themselves to fall off the edge of the roof. Still in the embrace of lovers they fell to the pavement below. The sound of their bodies hitting the pavement was not enough to stop the song in their hearts. And the impact was not enough to break their embrace.

They lay there locked in love that went on forever. Sam’s eyes opened then Marni’s. They stood up finally releasing their hold on each other. Both wiping the dust and concrete from their clothing and hair. Marni looked at Sam with a look of slight pain.

“Just like last summer.”

Sam smiled, “and the summer before.”

“Well there will always be next year,” Marni whispered.

“Yes, maybe next year.” Sam whispered back.

They walked away from the large break in the side-walk  lovers cursed, each unable to leave the other. Yet deep inside they needed the endlessness of days to end.


One thought on “The Lovers

  1. I knew there’s a twist when you write…and it never fails to amaze me every time i read your story.
    I’ll be thrilled to keep on reading your works…:D

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