The Interview.

“Well I have been here a number of years…”

“Yes, that’s really why I came,” she said closing her notepad.

“So is this going to be printed?”

“I hope so, it’s for the employment page, kind a “long term” thing. I am looking at the older generation vs. the new.”

“Oh,” he smiled crookedly. “So it’s not an exciting piece?”

“Well, to be honest, it is rare to see someone in a job for so many years these days. I mean careers tend involve jumping from one place to another.”

“I have done that!” he said, “But these days, not so much. Too old.”

She raised an eye, “see that too intrigues me, you are well past the retirement age, yet you keep on keeping on…what drives you?”

The man laughed, spittle dribbled down his chin, “What drives me is obsession. Healthy or not, my shrink believes I will always be a workaholic. I run this entire tower. Without me the bells just wouldn’t go off in people’s heads, there would be no direction.”

She was smiling, “Yes you definitely run this tower efficiently.”

“You may want to go, it’s almost 6.”

She gathered her things and headed for the ladder, “thanks for your time Mr. Modo.”

“Call me Q, my new age name. Now to the bells…The Bells…THE BELLS…”

She heard the chimes and the screaming. What a dedicated man, she thought as she left the cathedral. And so distinctive looking.


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