Watching Her.

You know she was sexy, and I guess she knew it too. The way she moved was deliberate a sway and a slight tilt of her head, a laugh almost forced to be casual.

She stood in a way that made you wish for x-ray vision, legs parted slightly. I noticed, hell the whole room noticed. I stood in my corner letting my eyes fuck her without modesty. She was the perfection in the room and she definitely knew it.

I watched her with her glass. She caressed it with small delicate fingers. she had a small crowd around her of men pecking around the hen. She pretended not to notice, but I saw the smile behind her eyes. When she looked at me she tilted her head, holding my “fuck me” glare.

I was surprised when she came to me, her walk was deliberate and sure. I felt my face redden as she closed the distance to mere inches.

She smiled and said, “I love your face.”

I replied, “likewise, but your ass.”

We both laughed, she took my hand…and the night became intriguing.


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