Forced Evolution.

In its infancy the world was not so much complex as it was busy. The start of something moving at an evolutionary pace that to us, now seems slow. It took hundreds of millions of years for this planet to create a species that could think and reason. A species that could dominate stronger species with intellect, that allowed greater brute force. In the grand scheme of things man has moved well past the gradual pace set by evolution and created something new, Forced Evolution.
Really we have been here for mere seconds. We showed up, we evolved and then we conquered. We changed our environment to meet our needs. We destroyed species that would have challenged us. We set to war against our brothers and sisters and used it to move our intellects even farther. In truth war was pivotal in our Forced Evolution. Every conflict pushed us to create and we created.
As we moved in history our breakthroughs and commitment to pushing ourselves quickened. The technological change in the last 200 years has been greater the 10,000 years previous. i think of it as a snowball, gathering more and more technology as we spin through the years. Once we hit the bottom of that hill we wait for the ground to drop and the advancement continues.
I look at the tube in front of me and i see the next step in our forced Evolution. The creature that floats in that opaque liquid is our future. I see it and know that once it has matured it will take our place in this world. Stronger, smarter and in all likelihood, more vicious than its predecessors. We have come so far, we now recreate ourselves. If there was a God I would hope he would have mercy on our souls.
Dr Parma-Singh


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