Losing my obsessions…no relationship to REM song!!!! LOL

It is funny when you lose that obsession. The moment your brain clicks and you stare into space with a, “what was i thinking!” look about you. When you stop and see yourself and what you had become and start to slowly question what all the fuss was about.

It happens with friends, lovers and things. It happens when you least expect it and hits you as hard as the original obsession. One minute you must have, must be with, must talk to….the next you kinda say, Meh!

Human nature is a persnickety (yes i know it isn’t a word, but i like it!) creature. We are all rather fickle. In love we will die without them, until they just annoy. When it comes to objects, we covet and yearn, until the next big thing. Fickle! Defining humans as separate from beasts. A chimpanzee doesn’t care which banana they get….as long as they get the damn banana!

So I write about losing obsessions, knowing that they will come again. Knowing it will push and pull and yearn and want until I burst!

I am human….hear me wine!




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