Stuck in the low town fuck.

In the gutter I see a torn wrapper, gold, suggesting better lube and an almost naked feel. So many of these floating like lost ships in the rain-soaked gutter. Returning from some whore’s parted shore. The night stinks of sex and the sound of grunts and groans as old men get their 20 bucks worth makes me want to puke.

It isn’t that i have anything against them, it’s just annoying that they choose this place to get on with their transactions. Herd to  sleep when all you can hear is half hard old men cussing out a skinny crack whore. Sometimes the noises become slaps and cries, but I try to ignore it all.

I guess I am no better. I low life trying to make a living in a town that consists of this alley. I know my place, but still I yearn for something better. Bright lights and smells that don’t resemble a fuck would be nice. I just need one break, one fucking break.

I slip the stiletto out of my pocket and move in to a couple hidden in the dark. In my other hand is my stopwatch. I thrust, turn and stab. First hits the geezer in the throat, he turns at me and his bloated cock gets the second.

The whore starts to scream but I hit her in the throat. She collapses gagging. I grab her hair and slice across her left eye. Then sink it into her other. She shakes as the life seeps away. I stand back and look at the scene.

No, still not good enough. I need to get better. No way i can move up to the big leagues with this sloppy delivery. I spend the next 2 hours cleaning up the mess. Maybe the next time. I watch another ship float down the gutter and into the wide world. Some day I hope to follow.



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