Just her…nevermore.

It slipped away, almost suddenly. This is how it works for me. Once something special, now something just there. It was like this before and will be again. i close myself up and you lose that part of me.

It isn’t your fault. It is like a bird perched on a finger. It sits and sings for you, but one wrong movement and it flies away. I am that bird and though you never heard me sing, I sang nonetheless. Perhaps you will finally know loss, when you stop and hear silence.

I have turned, I have seen through the veils and the mirrors of me. Now you are just a person living her life and I do not care as much as I did. It is not your fault, you were never more or less you. It is I that has turned and seen there is something ugly. I aspire to reality and you aspire for the  same. Once here I can shrug as you have so many times.

I am as a shadow. Still though, I am a friend. If you can accept that I do not see you as I did, we will be fine. After all is said and done, you are not what I believed you to be and I am not what you thought I was. I am a man, that sees you as just a woman, no different from any other.

Can you live with that? I can and everyday I remind myself that what you were…well that was a fairytale of an old man. I sit with Poe and say…

Quoth the raven…nevermore.


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