A heart for the heartless.

He placed it on the table,

Waiting to be seen.

He gave it to her freely,

From where it once had been.

She stared at it with interest.

Then returned his loving gaze.

A smile across her lips for him,

Her face, an unending maze.

“What have you brought me?”

She muttered to the crowd.

“The only thing I could dear,”

His voice soft, the room too loud.

She touched it with her finger,

It came away with blood.

Her nose crinkled quickly,

Like a perfect rosebud.

“This is disgusting,”

She screamed so all could hear.

She threw it to the dogs,

They devoured what was dear.

He swayed as they ate him,

Torn savagely apart.

The last ounce of his love,

Never allowed to even start.

“Why can’t you take it?”

He fumbled for the words.

She looked at him with nothing,

Just a look of the absurd.

“You come to me with blood,

You hoped I would find it sweet?

I tell you with honesty,

I didn’t care for one beat.”

And so he crumpled forward,

A dead and hapless ghoul.

A man in love with nothing,

In the end a romantic fool.


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