Dearest Friend.

Dearest Friend,

It’s deliberate, this mask worn in and worn out. A subtle skill built on experiences best forgotten, a personality honed to be brighter and bigger than it is. I smile for those around me, most see the dazzle, never seeing the tears.

I am a skilled falsehood.

I can hold you in my arms and feel nothing. I am what I am, whatever that is.

I have cried at your feet. I have laughed in your face.I have flown through cold clouds and swam in the caverns of confusion. I have written to the love in this world and punctuated it with wrongs. I have danced in the pit of despair, I have sung to the lost voices…

I am insane and I am aware.

I know anger. I know pain. I know joy…all left in disdain.

I will hold out my hand to the barbed wire. I will bleed in hopes to heal. I sit and stare at the blank wall and see the world as an ocean of silly change.

I am broken, but I always have been…haven’t I?

Dearest Friend.


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