Dreams of Grandeur.

I was a tree, tall and full of life. I gave shade to the weary and bore fruit for the hungry. I was home to creatures and a place to play for children. I was happy and alive.

I was a mountain, towering and proud. I marked the world with beauty. I was the boundary of lands. I blocked out the sun with my stoney face. I was powerful, and I was alive.

I was an ocean, as big as your eyes could see. I moved with the moon and was home to billions. I fed a world and I made the rain. I was everywhere and I was alive.

I was the wind, fast and free. I traveled the world light as the air. I was warm and cold. I could freeze and melt. I pushed clouds with the exhale of my breath. I flew and I was alive.

I was just me, a man unmarked. Just one of the crowd, unremarkable. I longed for something, anything unique, but in the end I could only dream. I sleep to be alive.



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