through a needle weaves a sadness…

Seasons flow with strife and worry,
As leaves wither like that Morning Glory.
And images linger as the sun dips,
A memory lingering upon your lips.
I lived as I do with too much thought,
Never heeding lessons I’ve been taught,
And I still wish I had not lost,
That something special now caked in frost.
Your eyes on me, the wave of your hair,
Your delicate fingers playing in air.
That perfect curve of softest hip,
Again the lingering touch of your lips.
My hands have a memory of their own,
They still remember what they were shown.
My heart still beats with love and desire,
It cannot be undone or pushed to tire.
I wish of dreams of things undone,
I wish of dreams of songs unsung.
Though you will never be the same,
I hope and pray to lose some blame.
I will always regret where I am now,
Knowing the why’s and the how.
But as I type…know my heart,
I force myself to be apart.
love and me don’t get along,
Interpretation leans to wrong.
I am just a man of words and verse,
A hopeless romantic curse.
You are beautiful in every way,
I just want you to see you everyday.
I will wish you everything as a friend,
And always regret what I forced to end.


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