and self awareness is key.

In the aftershocks I was shaken to my core, not gently, but as a giant reaching around me and rattling my very bones. Fi fi fo fum…holy fuck I felt dumb, ran through my brain as the giant squeezed. I have an overactive imagination…this never helps my head get around the inevitable let downs in life.
I lean toward the internal dramatic. I don’t vent it, mostly, I internalize and fictionalize. An old habit for a closet romantic and poor judge of most characters. I put loony in loonybin, I put the crack in crackers, I never put the sane in insane…yeah I am a sad state of affairs.
My point, if I have one…actually I don’t. See I am bringing back loopy with a triple loop and a half twist…let’s see the 9.8s…!


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