Deep in the forest….buried in the dirt.

I buried her this crisp morning,

Deep in the earth to be sure,

I wiped away the blackest dirt,

And planted daisies for next year.

I knelt beside the grave,

And cried some bitter tears,

the dirt still clung to fingers,

Like the needles of my fears.

I dug it deep to keep her buried,

So worried she would return,

A lifeless reminder,

With a grip that ties and burns.

I stood above the marker,

I turned to walk away,

“Come back to me my darling,”

I heard the ground strain to say.

I ran through the forest,

Away from that patch of dirt,

Though I buried just a memory,

It still left me scarred and hurt.

I banish you from caring,

I banish you from lies,

And under the pretty daisies,

I hope you’re eaten by the flies.



2 thoughts on “Deep in the forest….buried in the dirt.

  1. “I banish you from caring,I banish you from lies,And under the pretty daisies,I hope you’re eaten by the flies.” Gah this is so amazing. I hope you don’t mind me copy/paste/printing this so i can put it on my wall with my other admiration’s 🙂

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