ending…in the light of a broken blind…

and I heard her,

in the morning of the end,

the light through a broken blind,

the sun in my eyes,

the sting of the day,

her hip against mine,

a touch without thought,

it mattered.

her face,

turned to mine,

eyes closed,

soft noises of sleep,

without the harsh light in in her eyes,


in ways I could never say,

my hand on her cheek,

but I couldn’t feel,

her warmth was gone,

our life,

suddenly not a perfect grin,

my breath,

silent to this new day,

my body still,

but my heart remains,

my voice strained,

to just say one more time,

I love you,

and i am so sorry,

I never wanted to leave,

to go,

my darling…my darling…

I died.


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