I watched her, as she splashed in the waves. Sand clung to her pale skin, her nose red with the colour of a bit too much sun. She smiled as wide as the ocean she was in and I had to sigh over the beauty of this moment.

I ran to her, picking her up in my arms and we danced to the music of surf and laughter. We visited this place so many times. It was our place, secluded and beautiful. We could imagine ourselves marooned on a deserted island. We slept in a hut on the beach, it was as heaven should be.

We made love under a sky filled with stars. As always our bodies just fit. We were more than husband, more than wife, we were lovers. It was as it always was, it was as if we never lived our years, never grew older with each other. I felt my heart skip as her skin touched mine. If I could cry joy, I would cry a river.

“Happy anniversary love,” she whispered.

“Yes darling, 55 years in a blink of an eye,” I sighed.



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