A moment of silence.

It was almost too quiet, no wind or traffic noise, just me staring at an intersection that seemed frozen in time. The sky was dark and full of stars, even with the artificial light shining from lampposts and neon clad store windows. Yet here was a silent peace, a break in the reality of a city night. No cars or humans, no strays or distant roars.

It was a perfect moment that made me hold my breath to ensure it was complete. 1….2….3….4….
I counted as my lungs began to burn. I strained to let the silence live. It was enough to bring a tear. I felt it roll down my cheek, but I made no movement to wipe it away. I dared not, nothing should interrupt this briefest of joys. I stood swaying as the oxygen left my blood, the light-headed dizziness hitting me. I held on…and all went dark.

I awoke to a small crowd of drunken Samaritans. Stooped over me like concerned Grandmothers. They slurred words of encouragement as I ignored their concern. I heard cars and the rush of wind. I heard planes and horns, sirens and screams. I stood and brushed away the human noise, I  ran…to find the silence, to find a moment that would never be again.

I haven’t stopped running.


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