You are more than you.

In the shadows of forever,

And the halls of mirrored pain,

upon my lips a smile,

Given without guilt or shame.

In the dim light of morning,

As the sun regains its sky,

I offer up my hand,

Don’t worry about the whys.

And in your darkest moments,

Those days when life is cruel,

I offer up my silly words,

As any talented fool.

For days are days,

just moments,

And pain will slip away,

For really you are worth more,

Than any cloud of grey.

I see a woman of kindness,

A mother full of love,

A beauty that shines through hardship,

Like that sun from high above.

You may not see the hopeful,

You may miss the mirrored face,

But I see through the masks,

To your simple perfect grace.


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