soliloquy of the dead.

and in the brief light of day,
upon my face it came to stay,
a dark shadow spurned by naught,
‘cept the the conjurings of thought.

in this brief light of day,
the flickering likes to play,
shrouding head and mind,
with some evil left to bind.

I see little in this in this dark,
though the sun is raw and stark,
something caught behind my eyes,
convincing me of half truth lies.

the weary traveler am I,
never leaving this false blue sky,
forever wondering inside my cell,
how far in mind I have fell.

and yet the sun dips its head,
and the shadows are no longer fed,
my eyes are clear with lost sight,
without the shade so bright.

in blackness i see again,
a cold but wondrous friend,
I lay me down to blissful sleep,
knowing the sun continues to creep.

goodnight sweet friends I call to wind,
the comforting man in the moon has grinned,
the stars have sung a lullaby,
my breath seeps a restful sigh.

I wait the shadows still to come,
with lullaby’s tune on lips to hum,
I do not wish these shadows of day,
with death there is a price to pay.


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