Conversation… Concerning the Walls…

Perhaps the world is not as small as I have often feared. I sit in this room of off-white walls, you know that color of age, that screams PAINT ME! I have to laugh, as if I have the time in my mundane life to change something. Change is scary, I know it is always inevitable, but it still scares me. I mean I am kinda used to things just staying the way they are…do I need to mention those off-white walls again? Don’t shake your head at me, you are probably just like me. Okay sorry, I didn’t mean to insult, no one is quite as pathetic as I. Hell I am talking to myself and writing to no one in particular, except you, you are listening right. You are paying attention? Hmm…perhaps the world is larger than I gave it credit for, or maybe I am small, tiny, insignificant, forgotten and someone redundant…LOL…redundant is a good word for life. Purpose is redundant, really think on this one. What true purpose do we have? We are born to eventually die, every one of us, born with the terminal illness called age. Fuck I am getting philosophical in my old age…I blame the off-white walls…


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