Asked the Turtle of the Hare.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Asked the Turtle of the Hare.

“Have you come to grovel?

The race was run quite fair.”

The rabbit stared intently,

With eyes red and raw,

Staring at its own four feet,

Not one was a lucky paw.

“As far as the race goes,

I know the rules were met,

But in truth I wasn’t ready,

Before go, I wasn’t set.”

The turtle sighed so heavy,

Felt the Hare’s deepest woe,

The race was never meant,

To create a lifetime foe.

The Hare was close to breaking,

Made fun of day to day,

Because he took for granted,

The turtles steady way.

“I will race you Rabbit,

And I know you will win.

Because you have learned a lesson,

You can earn back your grin.”

When the race was over,

The Hare just won the race,

He then went back to the Turtle,

And helped him keep a pace.


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