About paulreesjones

There isn't much to say...I write...I sleep...I write some more. Sometimes here, sometimes in my head...I am odd.


Deliver to us

Down the slippery slope

Of dreams and imaginings

Left to the winds above

Do we stay on a path

Unknown to us all

Do fly in the face

Often denied

Lift off our feet

To float in the air

Beyond what we thought

Beyond what we dare

No hate

No money

No war

No revenge

Just bliss and love

Until we wake from the dream.







Roads not taken

Choices not made

Getting lost in the forest

Being too lazy to try

Letting life get in the way

No chance to step back in time

Head shakes with lost moments

And decisions made on the fly.


In time we see such wonders

Such changes to be admired

The movement of invention

Go help us move along.

If only these advances

Changed the human heart

Instead we are stagnant

Wrapped up in pain and doubt.

I wish there was a science

That cured our own broken thoughts

Where men hate men for nothing

But the differences deemed incorrect

I would donate every penny

Volunteer to test any drug

If we had the solution that changes

The evil in all our hearts.

The Barrel.

And what of the metal

The barreled angry death

The ancient hold of false strength

The loss of life and breath.

And what of rights and privilege

To the ones that lack true sight

No need for these adornments

If you go from dark to light.

And what of the couregeous

The ones that see through lies

They do not need a backer

To know that rights must die.

And what of the mighty leader

The man that has no power

He hides behind the masses

That worship at the crumbling tower.

And will this end in justice

History tells us no

For ignorant men still lead us

And justice is just for show.