About paulreesjones

There isn't much to say...I write...I sleep...I write some more. Sometimes here, sometimes in my head...I am odd.


And tomorrow comes
A quiet home
But in my heart
I am never alone
Your eyes see me
Your touch upon me
Your lips wait for me
Until you return to me
I love you. Xox


Tell me and I will listen

Tell me of forever

Of the moments left in time

Tell me of the future

Of the faceless lonely crime

Oh tell me of the immortal

And how they bleed the snow

And tell me of the good life

Of the stains left by those that know

I will listen to your rambles

And listen to your lies

I will listen for the truth in loss

And I will listen to the flies.

New Year.

In this the year that is to come

We must strive to see the sun

Forget the past that had some pain

Erase the sorrow and the shame

A new day in a new year

A chance for glory, a chance to cheer

I put my hope in the road ahead

Let blind see and the hungry fed

No more time to look away

Only the bright and clearest day

And if you join me in this wish

We will celebrate at the finish

So smile with me my unknown friends

And raise a glass at the end.