The truth in the eye.

The eye betrays the mind

With all the walls built high

With all the gruff and grumble

The eye pushes you to reveal

The truth of the heart

The truth of love lost

The truth of friends that have passed

The eye won’t give in and let it go

It gives away my truth

With one small tear.


We are stronger.

In the darkest hour

We stand hand in hand

With the loss of life

We hold on to hope

We shed tears with the lost

We stand against the dark

We show strength in our prayers

For the ones that lost their life

This makes us fight back

In our hearts and our minds

To be a light in humanity

And not get swallowed by the dark.

We are stronger.

The Barrel.

And what of the metal

The barreled angry death

The ancient hold of false strength

The loss of life and breath.

And what of rights and privilege

To the ones that lack true sight

No need for these adornments

If you go from dark to light.

And what of the couregeous

The ones that see through lies

They do not need a backer

To know that rights must die.

And what of the mighty leader

The man that has no power

He hides behind the masses

That worship at the crumbling tower.

And will this end in justice

History tells us no

For ignorant men still lead us

And justice is just for show.