The salted sea.

Upon the salted sea

Lay the remnants of me

Floating on the waves swell

I close my eyes and hear the tell

Rising up on water’s towers

Smashing down with waters power

I float away in the deepest bliss

Upon the salted sea’s deep kiss.


My own making.

Do I know sadness?

In a room

Made in my mind

I have suffered

In secret

I have hurt

In public

I have loved

And I have lost

Pick me up

Begin again

Look back to move forward

The steps that climb too high

Yet I am here

Still breathing

Sometimes gasping

An old man

A young heart

Irony in that

I laugh

A bit too loud

A bit too long

I am not as crazy as most

And I hide it well

Cup of tea

Calm the nerves

And forget the sadness.


And in the spite of woven lies

There comes a moment meant to die

Though it wraps its tenuous sigh

It refuses to give and say good bye.

It whispers in the ears of the weak

It claims to know what they seek

These brave men who are really meek

Easily lead into a mind that freaks.

These men need to stop the hate

They need to loosen on history’s fate

They need to see that the evil bait

Fed to them by the burning gate.

For love is what is true

Hate should be left to the abuse few

No matter the colour, belief or hues

This way of life is old not new.


What do I know.

Salted to keep the grass from beating

A seed of indifference and

A blade of sacrifice.

Inward goes the eye

To stop us from seeing what

Is right in front of us

The rung is put just out of reach

To make you stretch and

Lose footing on the rung below

I may have said too much

I may have lost touch

With the words placed in each row

I never said I would know

Fade to the blank