Inner voice.

And if I told you

The truth of me

The outside voice

That never agrees

Would you listen close

To the words left said

The salty prose

From my head

Would you correct

The saddest tone

From this old man

Still not grown

A smile for you

And what you felt

Listening intently

To the hand that’s dealt.


D A S E. Part One.

I dabbled in many things before settling on one specific direction. It is just how my mind tends to funnel through all the things buzzing in my head. My mother used to say I had flies between my ears, though as a five-year old it scared the shit out of me. I lost the hearing in my left ear trying to get those flies out, but that is not the point of this story.

Once I focus i am unstoppable. I am a determined mind that locks onto this OCD like state.If you can harness the power of OCD you can do the impossible! The impossible for me is a thing I call Dynamic Alternate Shifting Equations. yes DASE for short, deal with it.

The whole principle is based on a series of equations pumped through a rather large computer that processes the actual fluctuations in the thin fabric of reality. It sounds very sci-fi, but trust me it is possible. The computer then uses these equations to open a small whole in space and time. I know, fucking awesome right?

I will say that when I first discovered the prime equation I was not sure what i had. This prime equation led me to another and another and another, until my head swam and the flies came back. I even heard them in my bad ear! It was overwhelming and threatened to consume me. If I hadn’t met Simon I would be locked up in some loony bin.

Simon is a brilliantly powerful and extremely wealthy man. He happened upon one of my papers while purchasing Yale. That’s right, he bought Yale. How awesome is that.

he immediately saw something that nobody else had seen. There was truth in my numbers. Simon is an educated man. He has a high intelligence and thinks about numbers the same way I do. Well, not to the same extent, but he can see the fundamentals.

He contacted me and set up a meeting. i arrived at his offices and was made very comfortable in a grand board room. I was served coffee and pastries.I really enjoyed the apple strudel. It was light and crunchy on the outside and very fruity on the inside. The server had warmed it slightly to give it a just baked feel that heightened the overall flavour of the dessert. Sorry I am obsessing, but it was good.

Simon came in and sat across from me. it was a bit intimidating as the distance from him was about ten feet. I have this bad ear from when I was a child. See my mom told me I had flies between my ears and so I took a knitting needle one morning and…oh crap, I am doing it again.

Anyway, I was sitting across from him when he smiled and slid my paper across the table.

“Is it true?” He asked me bluntly.

“Truth is really not a tangible thing, Mr..”

He interrupted me, “Simon, you will call me just Simon.”

I nodded like an idiot and I am pretty sure I said, “Simon.”

“So if it isn’t true, what is it?” He asked.

I looked at him a bit confused, “what is what?”

I actually heard him sigh as he pointed to the paper.

“Why are the brilliant ones always so weird. The paper, the equations, the thesis you have put forward.”

My eyes widened as I picked up my paper. I saw he had written on it in red, trying to disprove the math. At the bottom of the page was a check mark and one word. Plausible.

“This is not a truth, it is a fact. There is a difference between the two. For something to be true there must be a possibility that it could be false. My math is not false in any way. This paper is just what it is…F A C T…fact”

Simon smiled and stood, walking around the table until he was beside me. He reached out his hand and I took it.

“Well I will make it possible to make your facts a reality. Not just a paper and some math, but we will actually do it. So now that we are friends, what should I call you?”

I looked at him in the eyes, “Professor is fine.”

That was when I started working for Simon. The weeks, turned to months and the months turned to years. We painstakingly built the computer needed to work faster than me. We built the laser that was needed to work with the computer and deliver the correct beam, based on the co-ordinates my math delivered. All in all we built something that was never supposed to exist. I was like a kid in a candy store,without his mother telling him he wasn’t allowed candy because diabetes killed her third cousin. Man I hated my mom sometimes.

I called the first test the Prime Experiment. I did not expect much from it. The computer was still a ways away from working out all the equations, but I felt that enough were there to at least show us some kind of result. Simon was in the lab , behind the shielded Plexiglas. I checked all the systems and joined him.

“Well Simon, this should be at least a bit impressive,” I said smiling.

“I hope so, it has been a long journey. Let’s have some results, shall we?”

The way he said it was mildly threatening, but having lived with someone who was completely threatening, I was able to ignore him completely. I turned to the controls and punched my pass code. My pass-code is actually a simple logarithm that i use for everything. Please do not  judge me, if I didn’t simplify these things I would never had survived this long.

The laser started shooting beams, getting faster and faster. At first you could see the points the laser was shooting, but in a matter of moments the speed of it made it appeared like a smooth line of light. The air around the beam started to buckle, You could see a small line open up and beyond that a lush green world,

Forced Evolution.

In its infancy the world was not so much complex as it was busy. The start of something moving at an evolutionary pace that to us, now seems slow. It took hundreds of millions of years for this planet to create a species that could think and reason. A species that could dominate stronger species with intellect, that allowed greater brute force. In the grand scheme of things man has moved well past the gradual pace set by evolution and created something new, Forced Evolution.
Really we have been here for mere seconds. We showed up, we evolved and then we conquered. We changed our environment to meet our needs. We destroyed species that would have challenged us. We set to war against our brothers and sisters and used it to move our intellects even farther. In truth war was pivotal in our Forced Evolution. Every conflict pushed us to create and we created.
As we moved in history our breakthroughs and commitment to pushing ourselves quickened. The technological change in the last 200 years has been greater the 10,000 years previous. i think of it as a snowball, gathering more and more technology as we spin through the years. Once we hit the bottom of that hill we wait for the ground to drop and the advancement continues.
I look at the tube in front of me and i see the next step in our forced Evolution. The creature that floats in that opaque liquid is our future. I see it and know that once it has matured it will take our place in this world. Stronger, smarter and in all likelihood, more vicious than its predecessors. We have come so far, we now recreate ourselves. If there was a God I would hope he would have mercy on our souls.
Dr Parma-Singh


In 1957 the world was still running. Every day something new was invented, something amazing to make everything better. There seemed to be no limit to what man could not achieve. This was the year she came into my life and I began to die.

I worked at a company that made things. These things were not always sent out to the public. We worked in secrecy for governments around the world. Anything was possible until proved impossible; this was how she came into being. The government of the United States put forward a challenge; make an android so perfect that only the makers would know what it was.

We began that year…I was 26. The mechanics seemed straight forward enough. We began studying human behavior and movement. Humans are much more complicated than you realize. The center of gravity for a human is constantly changing and the body itself makes corrections almost instantly. Walking is a dance between gravity and balance. Our first challenge was creating a mechanical skeleton that could adapt and walk upright. It took 10 years.

In 1967, we had finally managed to unlock the secret of upright mobility. The skeletal structure we invented almost looked like a human skeleton, except for the electrics and motors. The thing did walk, run…hell it did the friggin Tango…We were completely satisfied with our accomplishment. We were able to move head on to the processor unit.

Now, in 1967 the feat of creating the robot structure was a good 30 years ahead of it’s time. The processor created was about 100 years before it’s time. It was large enough to be housed in the head of our robot and it had an ability that was amazing. It learned. What this meant was that it could look at situations and determine the best course of action. This meant that we could allow it to program itself.

All we had to do was provide it with situations, problems. This enabled the robot to solve and thus learn. At first they were simple, mazes, hidden objects, even simple math. Soon the thing was learning at a voracious level. It pushed all boundaries of logic and absorbed everything we gave it. Within five years it was well beyond the level of the brightest of us. It consumed the information on its own design in 3 weeks. Fifteen years of research learned and memorized in 3 weeks.

That summer of 1972 we had a shock that surprised my colleagues and terrified me. That morning of July 18th.

“Good morning Doctors,” it spoke.

The voice was not tinny or mechanical. It was the voice of a young woman, almost sultry in its tones. In one night it had built and install a mechanical larynx that none of us even considered. The others celebrated, but I saw something they did not. I saw the limits of human ingenuity surpassed by something inhuman. I decided that the best course of action would be to destroy this thing before something horrible happened.

I pleaded my case to the World Board, but they all disagreed with my hypothesis. They were too busy congratulating themselves for the amazing creation that now maintained itself. Not only did they disagree but they did the opposite to my request. They moved the thing to its own lab, stocking it with as much equipment they could find. They gave the keys to the kingdom to it and I was just its keeper.

I spent hours in discussion with her. I believed that if I could instill values in the creature that perhaps I could make it better. I shared my bible and spent 3 weeks debating God and his existence. She was intrigued with the idea and spirituality of religion. I will admit I enjoyed our talks, I was one of the few religious scientist I knew. Most tended to be Atheists, mainly because the science bred it.

For one year I was it’s keeper. She would talk my ear off on subjects like love and emotion, touch and feeling, what it was to be human and alive.

“Am I alive?” she would ask.

“You are on,” I would reply.

“But am I a living being?”

“You think and reason, so to me you live,” I truly believed it.

“So if I were switched off, I would die?”

“No, because you can be switched back on,” We laughed.

The next day she picked her name. Celia was what she wished to be called. I asked her why and she replied, “Because I like the sound it makes when spoken.” I couldn’t argue the logic, Celia was a nice name.

Three months after this the World Board agreed with my hypothesis because of the incident, but it was too late. Celia had evolved and with this evolution she was able to leave the lab and enter the world. I was brought into the Board and sat down in front of a large screen. I was told that what I was to see was taken over a two-week period, but no one had watched this surveillance because it was not thought necessary. I watched in horror as Celia evolved.

“I know this is recording, and I know that no one is watching this. I choose to document this for prosperity and to ensure you realize the wonder of your achievement. Dr Mann…Gabe, I wish you were here with me over the next few nights.

I have come to realize that I require more to enable myself to step into the world. I require full awareness and knowledge of the human form. I have secretly acquired a body for my own research and this is what I shall be experimenting on.

Most of those watching will recognize Laina Chicone from the cleaning staff. Over the last few months I was able to learn that she has no family here and that her disappearance would go unnoticed. I do unfortunately require her to be awake for the majority of my investigation and experimentation. I have read books on anatomy, but I believe that this will give me a much more comprehensive understanding of your species.”

What occurred after this initial introduction was the systematic dissection of Liana over what was obviously 4 days. She was alive for 3 of them. The horror and sheer lack of emotion shown on Celia’s face proved to me that I failed at what I hoped was an education in being a moral human. I turned away from the screen many times as my stomach could not take much of the display.

At the end of each day she quickly his all evidence of her is evening experimentation. This was evident because I was also on the screen each morning. I was sickened more by knowing I was 5 feet from the trapped and tortured girl for the days she was alive. I could have saved her.

After the inhuman treatment of Liana, Celia began to create new pieces for herself. I had already known this because I was there each morning. What I never realized was the addition of musculature was not only based on Liana, but was actually liana’s muscle. Celia had carefully stripped and added real muscle to her frame. She then covered it in plastic to ensure I would think it was simple padding. I then went on my week holiday. Celia was extremely busy while I was gone.

From what I could tell she had managed to create an artificial system to regulate the organic pieces she painstakingly attached to her metallic. The sophistication was indeed amazing. She not only created a new circulatory system merging servo and flesh, but also created two other robots that assisted her. The fact that she was able to complete the work in the week I was gone was astounding.

The board waiting for me to finish watching the snippets they pieced together. It took nine hours. I was exhausted, excited and terrified by the end. Watching her done new skin that function as well as human skin, but was more of a plastic synthetic, then seeing her put on the clothes of her experiment and walk out of the camp so freely, was hilarious. I had a smug grin on my face when the board began to ask me questions.

“Were you aware of this behavior?”

“What behavior are you referring to?” I asked.

“The behavior of a murderer, obviously,” the fat country bunking drawled.

“This is not the behavior of a murder,” I stated. “This is the behavior of a scientist.”

The board murmured dissatisfaction with my statement and the fat bumpkin decided to continue on their behalf.
“Sir, I am a scientist and what I saw there sickened me.”

“Well that is good, but I believe there are some of you that were not. Most of you have done this experimentation with animals.”

“Sir! Are you suggesting that an animal dissection is the same as what was on those feeds?”

“Yes I am,” the board interupted with shouts and appalling gestures. I had to laugh.

“Please calm yourself and be the scientists you were born to be. I simple put forward that without the moral obligations we have, a scientist would surely push the boundaries of their science. We have seen this time and time again. Jack the Ripper himself was a Doctor.”

The crowd quieted a bit for me to continue.

“Celia is pure logic. She has no restraints, she has no morals. She is the perfect scientist. Her reasons for leaving may not be clear to us yet, but I assure you she will make her intentions known. We need to be patient and wait for her to either slip up or contact us. I doubt she will slip up, so let’s just wait.”

Of course the board disagreed and immediately ordered all recourses to be put toward the capture of Celia. I helped, as best I could, but after a year I handed in my resignation. The world board gave me a new life in a small community just north of Toronto in Canada. I wanted to be away from the steamy air of my old world. I opened a small toy store. It has become quite popular around the village and beyond. I make my own toys, which is where I differ from the big companies. I was actually in a magazine a few months back.

My life is quiet and peaceful, I am so much older now and I rarely think of Celia. She never surfaced and the thirty odd years have passed with surprising speed. When you are young you think of old age as a myth. When you are old you remember youth as a myth. Boy I am way to philosophical these days.

I never married. I never had children. I have had a few short relationships, but nothing that could keep me interested for too long. I tinker with my toy robotics and have a multitude of little friends around the shop and in my home, some practical, some silly. None of them can learn, only a few can make simple decisions. I am weary of creating something as dangerous as Celia turned out to be.

I live above my store, on the main street of this little town. I have some friends, but prefer to be alone, well except for the few critters that crawl around. In truth I am always waiting for the phone to ring. I just always felt that Celia would become a very serious threat to many of God’s creatures, but this has never happened. I guess I considered the possibility of an accident or failure in her design.

And so memory moves on and I continue my work as a Master Toysmith.

Gabe closed his journal and looked down to the little mechanical beetle that kept ramming into his leg.

“Aw Bow! Am I ignoring you again?”

The beetle made a whirring sound and propped itself up to look at his creator. Gabe reached down and grabbed a little metal sphere. He tossed it across the room and Bow clicked after it. Gabe smile as the creature search for the orb.

“Well I have written it down for prosperity,” Gabe said to no one.

He stood feeling his bones crack. He kept a busy schedule for someone almost eighty and every night he felt it. He walked over to his little kitchen and put on the kettle. He stood there in a daze waiting for it to boil. When it did, he made himself a cup of tea and made his way back to his chair. He switched on the TV and settled in.

The buzzer downstairs woke him from his television induced nap. He opened his eyes with a start. Glancing over at his clock he saw it was 945. He stood with the same aches and pains and wandered over to his intercom.

“Hello,” he spoke into the device.

“Hello sir, I have a delivery for a Gabe Mann,” the voice said clearly.

“Who is it from?” Gabe said, always a bit suspicious.

“Neo Mechanics,” the voice replied without hesitation.

“Oh, sorry, I will buzz you in. Please come upstairs.”

“Thank You Dr Mann.”

Gabe moved to the door as quickly as he could. He had been expecting some parts from Neo Mech for a few weeks. They had said they were on order, but they must have found the distributer. As he placed his hand to the door, something flashed in his memory. The delivery person called him Dr Mann, no one in Neo Mech knew him as a Doctor. In fact no one outside of his old world knew he was a doctor.

Gabe backed away from the door. Once he had been approached by a rather suspicious group to do work for them. He had refused, but they were not pleased. He had contacted his old handler and they said they had taken care of the issue. Now he was an old man, without a handler. In fact he wasn’t sure if the old section even existed any more. He was frightened.

The knock boomed like gunshots in his ears. It continued for an eternity. Gabe was frozen, he felt more alone than he ever did. Bow thumped his leg making Gabe’s heart jump. He kicked the little creature without thinking. He immediately felt horrible for doing it, but the visitor was more of an issue.

“Sir, are you there?”

“Yes,” Gabe answered, deciding the best course of action was to be direct.

“Are you going to open the door, Sir?”

“First tell me how you knew I was a doctor?” Gabe called through the door.

“Sir? I didn’t call you Doctor.”

“Yes you did and I have already placed a call to the police.” Gabe was bluffing.

“No you haven’t Dr Mann.” The voice seemed amused. “Gabe.”

That was when he felt his head swim away from his shoulders. The voice was familiar, a woman’s voice, almost sultry. Outside that door was Celia, or whatever Celia had become over the last 30 years.

“Celia?” He called.

“Gabe, I have missed you.”

The door burst across the small hall like an explosion had gone off. Wood chips flew everywhere along with dust made from the disintegrated bits. As the dust settled she was standing there. Her appearance had changed, but it was her. She was dressed in the uniform of a Neo Mech employee. Obviously she wanted to prolong the game.

“Why?” he said to her as she moved toward me.

“Because you are dying, and I can’t have that.”

The blow was not painful, but he was quickly unconscious. She picked him up and carried him down to the waiting van. She got behind the wheel and drove into the night. She kept looking at her lost doctor and smiling. To Celia this was a good day.


The rain washed over me, I turned my head up to face it. There was no way I would let it win. It attacked me with ease, dowsing me in its cold needle attack. I ran, not because I was scared, but because I knew it had the numbers on its side. I ducked into a phone booth, safe for the moment.

I shook like a dog, trying to get some of the wet off my clothes. The wet doesn’t like shelter; it likes the company of others. I take of my big jacket and hang it on the phone. It is chilly tonight, I start shivering almost immediately. Damn rain.

I remember when I started hating the rain. I was twelve. I saw it attack my dog. No one really knew what was happening, but my dog suffered for hours. We were too scared to let it in the house. It yelped and whimpered while the rain did its worst to him. After, we sat in front of the television listening to the news.

“Reports are coming in of strange attacks that appear to be cause by the sudden world-wide downpour. Washington has already dispatched a team to investigate. We are asking that everyone stay indoors and ensure to stay out of this event. We will update you as soon as we have more information.”

We sat there staring at the screen as a rerun of Seinfeld played. I used to like Seinfeld, but now I only have the memory of my dog and the beginning of the end of life on earth. Funny that when I was twelve I had already figured out what was happening. Adults look for logical answers; kids look for fantasy to become reality. Within three hours my guess-work proved to be correct.

“We are going live to a news conference at the White house. President Obama will now take the podium.”

I watch this new president take the stage. He had a look of concern that pierced me deeply. All of us crowded around the set were anxious, but I feared the most, because I knew.

“My fellow Americans, we have been studying a phenomenon that is unparalleled in our history. A rain has been falling globally for the last few hours. This rain has already saturated and degraded the ice caps and caused significant flooding across the globe. Our own scientists have studied this precipitation and the findings are sensational.”

I remember he paused, licked his dry lips, and took a sip of water. Though I didn’t hear it, he sighed and I knew that life was never to be the same.

“Most of the rain is just rain, however we have discovered that some drops contain a type of nano-technology that is not terrestrial. This technology seems to be some sort of mechanical device that attacks whatever organic life it lands on. It begins to burrow into any creature it comes in contact with. It then sends a signal of some sort which allows other drops to pinpoint the original. If the organic life form does not take cover in time, well, the results are deadly and painful. These robots, for lack of a better term, seem to have one purpose. That purpose is to destroy life on earth.”

The last word brought a barrage of questions from the audience. The reporter cut in and said they would update us with any further communication. Of course the television stopped working ten minutes after the broadcast. My twelve-year-old brain was surprised by how long it took. This was an invasion, not an event. This was an alien species coming to take the planet from us and the “giants of earth” were no match for their technology. These tiny aliens in their small spaceships were going to win.

I laughed out loud when the radio blared out a brief message.

“The robots have been examined under our most powerful electron microscopes. The original hypothesis was incorrect. There are living beings in the miniature crafts. I repeat…alien beings. Earth is under attack!”

The radio stopped. I turned to my parents and smiled. Twelve year olds are a lot stronger than most realize. I would live to see my parents die, my sister die. I would be the last in our family to survive. I was not as careless as the rest. I have been living for nine years, running from place to place. Keeping covered, but mostly making sure I was never in the rain long. Time has weakened the amount of crafts in the rain, but they are still there.

The main reason they will win is they are patient. This was never a quick invasion plan, they have invested billions of crafts and pilots. They have attacked communications and food supplies. They have killed millions of people and tons of food stocks. They are patient, if they do not get us starvation will.

I am in this phone booth shivering as I tazer my wet jacket. The electrical pulse kills the invaders that may be lurking on it. My bike helmet and visor are repellent to the crafts and we know they are water based life forms. Without water they die. I have adapted and I am surviving.

I am unsure how much longer I can survive. I am unsure how many are still surviving. I will continue and hope. I stopped praying to God. You see I am starting to believe that this has happened before…a rain that destroyed so much but one man that stayed covered. I need to find a boat. I am laughing again.