Roads not taken

Choices not made

Getting lost in the forest

Being too lazy to try

Letting life get in the way

No chance to step back in time

Head shakes with lost moments

And decisions made on the fly.



In time we see such wonders

Such changes to be admired

The movement of invention

Go help us move along.

If only these advances

Changed the human heart

Instead we are stagnant

Wrapped up in pain and doubt.

I wish there was a science

That cured our own broken thoughts

Where men hate men for nothing

But the differences deemed incorrect

I would donate every penny

Volunteer to test any drug

If we had the solution that changes

The evil in all our hearts.

And I.

And I can’t stop crying

For the lost and the lonely

For the guns pointed at the weary

For the after thought that’s nearly

And I can’t stop crying

For the ones left in the cold

For child but also for the old

For the stories that are never told

And I can’t stop crying

For the masses starving

For the many grieving

For the desparate stealing

And I can’t stop crying

For the ones trapped in their heads

For the people that have no beds

For the people thinking they are better off dead

And I will never stop hoping

For a world that learns to love

For people that know it isn’t enough

For putting smiles finally above

And I won’t stop hoping.


Do the needles hurt your brain

As they hurt mine

With their imaginary points

Their made up steel

Seen by few

But they feel so real.

Does the silence hurt your ears

As it does mine

Too loud in nothing

The screams of quiet

Heard by no one but me

Starting a personal riot.

Faint Whisper (Flash Fiction)

It wasn’t that I needed to talk. My fingers seemed to have a mind of their own. The cell phone was staring at me as I dialled. I swear I heard it mocking me, it felt like the screen was judging my fingers for their weakness. I heard the ring, faint from the phone left at arm’s length. I didn’t need to talk, I was happy in the silence, finally had some peace and quiet…

“Dr Allan’s office, how can we assist you,”

Ah it was like a whisper, background noise that you heard but could ignore. My fingers found their courage. The screen went dark and my phone seemed to cheer in that split second. I could get the results tomorrow, my mantra these days, happiness in sweet ignorance. There can be many tomorrows.

A Canopy of Stars

She woke under a canopy of stars, each one blinking with as much surprise as she. Her hand touched the soft grass beneath her, a breeze caressed her face as it raced across the meadow. She sat up letting her eyes adjust to the dark. The moon was full and the sky clear. She was in a meadow surrounded by trees. It was as if mother nature had built a castle just for her. She heard some rustling now and then as small rabbits or frightened mice moved through the grass.

She looked down at herself and could barely make out a floral house coat. Not a robe but something more substantial. Her hair was dark in the moonlight and her hands seemed so much younger than she remembered. A noise across the meadow made her look up and a large stag broke through the treeline. He was huge and muscular. His crown of bone as long as he was tall. He was magnificent and she felt a tear roll down her cheek.
She stood up slowly. She didn’t want to spook the grand king of this wood. As she did the King moved toward her. He raced quickly from the wood to her in seconds, stopping five feet from her. She saw into his black eyes. They seemed as clear as the purest crystal. She kept still slowly reaching out her hand. To her surprise the King knelt before her and let her touch his proud nose. Her smile was a big as the swelling in her heart as she heard a soft voice somewhere far away.

In the white room the machines beeped and growled. Wires winding across the tiled floor to the single bed. Sitting on the bed was a young girl, no more than seven. She clutched onto a piece of paper that she held up to show the woman lying still beneath her.

“And see Nana. It’s so beautiful here and the King comes to say hi. He is a good King…so gentle. He will let you pat him and you won’t hurt anymore. I love you Nana.”

The girl lay back against the woman, still holding up the picture of a meadow, under stars, with the King standing proud.