A tall tale.

Let me tell you a tale

Of wonders and light

Of moments of truth

And the strength of men

Let me tell you a tale

That rivals all tales

That brings a tear to the eye

And smile on the lips

Let me tell you

When I remember


Its cloudy right now.


The Shadow Sees

Somewhere between reality and fiction he watched the world with a suspicious eye. The figure of a man left in shadow. A watcher of things that seemed trivial to most. The way that woman held his gaze without seeing him. The way the noise around him think of the city that was so close. The smells that spoke of rot and sadness. So much to see in the shadows, so much that others could not see.

The nurse applied the drops to his eyes and shook her head in pity. Coma patients always made her sad.

“Do you see anything? She whispered and left the room.






Roads not taken

Choices not made

Getting lost in the forest

Being too lazy to try

Letting life get in the way

No chance to step back in time

Head shakes with lost moments

And decisions made on the fly.


In time we see such wonders

Such changes to be admired

The movement of invention

Go help us move along.

If only these advances

Changed the human heart

Instead we are stagnant

Wrapped up in pain and doubt.

I wish there was a science

That cured our own broken thoughts

Where men hate men for nothing

But the differences deemed incorrect

I would donate every penny

Volunteer to test any drug

If we had the solution that changes

The evil in all our hearts.

And I.

And I can’t stop crying

For the lost and the lonely

For the guns pointed at the weary

For the after thought that’s nearly

And I can’t stop crying

For the ones left in the cold

For child but also for the old

For the stories that are never told

And I can’t stop crying

For the masses starving

For the many grieving

For the desparate stealing

And I can’t stop crying

For the ones trapped in their heads

For the people that have no beds

For the people thinking they are better off dead

And I will never stop hoping

For a world that learns to love

For people that know it isn’t enough

For putting smiles finally above

And I won’t stop hoping.


Do the needles hurt your brain

As they hurt mine

With their imaginary points

Their made up steel

Seen by few

But they feel so real.

Does the silence hurt your ears

As it does mine

Too loud in nothing

The screams of quiet

Heard by no one but me

Starting a personal riot.