The Barrel.

And what of the metal

The barreled angry death

The ancient hold of false strength

The loss of life and breath.

And what of rights and privilege

To the ones that lack true sight

No need for these adornments

If you go from dark to light.

And what of the couregeous

The ones that see through lies

They do not need a backer

To know that rights must die.

And what of the mighty leader

The man that has no power

He hides behind the masses

That worship at the crumbling tower.

And will this end in justice

History tells us no

For ignorant men still lead us

And justice is just for show.



In silent doorways

spotted with grime

alone in the quiet

As loud as a mime

dirt shows the age

of slow rotting time

step through the doorway

drying in lyme

life as a corpse

created in crime

lay in the earth

the wind as a chime

close your eyes

invested on my dime.

Scream to the hopeful

Scream to the lost

Gasp for your breath

No matter the cost.


Old Man.

Sometimes the old stag stood on the mountain, chest puffed up as the rain poured down. His broken antlers shining in the wet. His fur matted to his skin. He had earned every scar and every scratch. He still looked powerful even with his age. So many battles won, now just a distant scent on the wind.

If deer could feel, he felt his age. His shoulders  burned, his knee joints ached. He had struggled to climb so high, but this was his mountain, his ground to guard and as the rain fell on the old stag his knees buckled. He fell to the ground, the fast beating heart quickened slightly and then began to slow. He rolled onto his side, looking up at the dark clouds.

If deer could feel he would have been scared, or maybe he was reflecting on his many children. He helped populate the mountain and the forest below.

If a deer could smile, perhaps that old stag would be smiling as his heart slowed and the rain poured down and his heart stopped, but the rain kept coming unable to wash the scent of life off the mountain.

Slip Away.

I held her hand,

this woman I knew,

I held her hand,

For a minute or two.

I shed a tear,

as she closed her eyes,

I shed a tear,

as love dies.

I wasn’t there,

I was in the past,

perhaps unfair.

Remembering her smile,

she was slipping away,

all the while,

I had nothing to say.

without pain,

without heart break,

without life,

no smiles to fake.

and i wished.

with nothing to do.

I so wished.

I could go too.




The air escaped my lungs like a slow leak from a bicycle tire worn through from summer after summer of hard riding. I could hear it feel it, fuck, I could practically see it. The grass under me was dry and stabbing me with needles and itch. I wanted to get up wanted to keep running, but my body was now my enemy and I had lost any battle I was in.

I waited eyes growing heavy. I waited for the inevitable dark that had been chasing me for hours. How do you fight the dark? The answer is you can’t, you run always trying to stay ahead of it. You keep in the light chase the light with everything you have. You have to want it more than anything, reach so deep that you can do the miraculous.

I wanted it so badly that I broke the bonds of my limitations. I ran faster, jumped higher, I pushed until I practically flew! And then I did. I felt gravity give up fighting my desires. I saw my feet leave the ground and not need land again. I soared toward the light and even though it ran from me, I kept up. I was going to beat the darkness behind me.

The wind rushed through my hair. Speed was key, I had to be fast. The light was there and all around me. As long as I was in it I was winning. The only problem was I wasn’t winning I just didn’t realize I was losing.

It was in the speed. I wasn’t really as fast as I thought and the dark was not far behind me. Soon I could see the horizon behind me and see the shadow creeping miles behind. As time passed the shadow approached. I was losing as I was tiring. It seemed even flying took its toll.

The sky was darker. I looked all around me and saw the twilight of the evening encroaching. My breath always gave it away. When I was running, jumping and now flying, the limits were not broken. I pushed myself harder, concentrating on nothing but the light. I felt speed, felt the wind pick up and then the crush in my lungs.

I fell and now I am lying here in the dry grass. The sky slowly turning and soon my enemy will find me. Even now I can hear its growl. I can hear its claws clicking in the dry dirt. An echo in the distance getting closer.

My arm is numb, my breath getting shorter and weaker. I can’t fight the dark. I see the last of the light in my life go dark and I know I have lost the long fight. It is all around me now. The teeth digging into my flesh as the darkness swims around me, stalking me…I let go of the needle and I am gone.



The rain was heavy, drenching his clothes. He felt the drops under his shirt against his skin. He stood in the torrent looking up at the sky, wondering if it was possible to drown in the rain. He kept his mouth open, let the water fill his throat before coughing and sputtering. He fell to his knees, hands going deep into the mud. He shook with anger at his own involuntary motions and whispered to himself.

“No rest for the wicked, no sleep for the vain, in life I will be punished, not my fault I am insane. One moment left behind me, time to have another dance, I offered up my own life, spun the wheel in a game for Chance.”

He stood, breathing in the night air. He was not meant for death, not meant to end. He was a stone against the rain and it took a thousand years to wear away stone. He walked toward the house he had picked weeks ago. In his pocket was a blade of stainless steel, as resilient as he was against the rain. He foot hit the door shattering the wood and the screams began almost instantly.

Fate shared his name, another word for Chance.

He was Chance and tonight he would be fate..

Tell Me…

Tell me a secret,

One that would scare,

Something horrible,

You never would share.

Tell me a lie,

To make me feel worse,

Some evil tantrum,

About an evil curse.

Tell me a story,

That’s too long to end,

Leave me listening,

Like an old, lost friend.

Tell me the truth,

Define the ills of man,

I will listen without judgement,

For as long as I can.

If you can’t do it,

I won’t get too mad,

Most tend to wander,

Forgetting what they had.

Let me tell you something,

Something lost in time,

I am stuck here forever,

For one simple crime.