The salted sea.

Upon the salted sea

Lay the remnants of me

Floating on the waves swell

I close my eyes and hear the tell

Rising up on water’s towers

Smashing down with waters power

I float away in the deepest bliss

Upon the salted sea’s deep kiss.



In that kiss

A thousand years

A kiss that speaks

Of the love we hear

In that hug

It is safe from harm

Through coldest days

We will stay warm

In your eyes

A pool of hope

No matter the test

Together we cope

In our love

Time stands still

From dusk till dawn

From our own strong will.

Sun Break.

The sun shined; filtered through the dense leaves of the forest. The light seamed to come down in speckled drops of diamond dust. It spread across the thick layers of old leaves making the ground come alive, like a thousand fireflies dancing through the wood.

This was a magic time, a time where nature dispelled the truth of the modern world that surrounded it. It could almost pretend it was once more the true owner of the world. The trees breathed deep, trying to remember the air that was.

The animals dared to tread outside their homes, hoping that a miracle had occurred and the cries of those that trespassed were truly gone forever. the world was not owned by what was…it now was ruled by what would be.

As quickly as the sun-kissed the earth, a cloud devoured it’s light and the dense choke of smog returned, reminding the trees of what was lost. The cries of those that trespassed returned to the small patch of trees and all that lived there hid themselves once more.

This was the way of the new world.

Washed with Rain.

I feel the rain,

as it falls on face,

washing the sweat,

and bitter taste.

The cold simple rain,

soaking my skin,

a shower from sky,

washing away sin.

I shiver and smile,

and raise hands to the sky,

thanking the clouds,

for passing on by.

Perhaps in the end,

it’s as simple as this,

the rain as soothing,

as a lost love’s kiss.