and then light…

When you live as I have lived, you become a bit disillusioned with the world around you. You watch the news, listen to the radio, surf the Net for whatever is trending at that moment. What I saw was pain, hurt and anguish all around me. From the gossip, to the wars that plagued humankind.

I have lived a life. Sometimes good, mostly bad. Experience teaches that the darkness is caused by the clouds overhead, thick and grey. Looking up you would never think that there was a sun or even light. It was a cloud made by indifference and acceptance of what is.

I once stood apart from that, but slowly drowned. I have loved and lost, fought and been beaten down. I have climbed the mountain only to find it barren. I seemed to die a little inside, slowly, by endless misfortune.

And then…

There was a break in the clouds. A ray of light shining down to this cold form. I felt the heat, squinted at the light, felt the breath of change on my heavy shoulder. She was woman, hope and love. She was a smile that had no cost. She was eyes that saw me and ears that heard me. She was logic and laughter. She made my clouds part and the sky was so blue. I lost my breath, in awe of the wonder I had missed for years. The wonder of someone…who cared.

This is happy.