In silence

I sit in silence

let my eyes wander in reverence

across the sky looking for guidance

blue and cloud creating its own magnificence

My eyes wander again in silence

across the meadow of grass and violets

breeze on my face and nature’s incense

the world so immense

I sit in silence

in a sweet benevolence

I show my deference

smiling more than once

In silence.



Light of you.

Like a flicker in the night

your eyes seemed to sparkle

your smile seemed to shine

your skin glowed

your breath a ribbon of light

your hair like sun rays

your touch flashed lightning

and the dark was gone

no need to hide

no need to worry about monsters

no blindness for the sightless man

no whispers never heard

no tears drying in the sand

the light of you

made me soar.


Wake and fail.

In a flurry of unconscious meandering,

Drifting through the known and unknown,

No light to speak of,

No sound to strain to hear,

No awareness of anything,

but the the blank…which is something,

Confused…I swallow,

Hard on pride,

I choke…too loud…

I wake…still here…

I cry,

Only a bit,

As the light peaks through the curtains,

I am awake?

I blink,

Pinch the skin of my arm,

It’s supposed to hurt right?

Too much volume out of sleep,

I miss the blank,

Hit the button on the strange box and drift,

I will try again,

When it isn’t too bright,

and much too loud.

Somber Doldrums.

The twilight seemed almost surreal. The light dwindling like a fire left to burn. The slow coals of the night taking control and the buzz of insects roaring. The summer day was holding its heat against me, almost like a touch from a distant friend. Like those touches it slowly released and the cool of night hastened the goodbye.

I sat and watched the world, watched the stars come out to dance. I heard the whispers of things unseen and saw nothing in the darkness that grew. Sometimes when I am alone in this last moment of twilight, I listen hard.

I listen beyond the drone, beyond the breeze and hear myself as a small voice against the big world. I don’t know what I am saying, but i will return to listen again.