Right here.

And through the leaves

I see speckled sun

Dancing through the holes

Like water in the sky.

And on the unspoiled ground

I hear the music of the stream

Like an orchestra of nature

Like music from the earth.

And on my face I feel

The breeze upon my face

Like a caring hand of love

A touch from mother nature.

And there is more to this world

Than what we really know

To let yourself believe

And embrace what is right here.


Summer Days

Summer days,

of warm winds,

blue skies,

the smell of leaves,

and wild flowers,

waves against the shore,

the laughter all around,

those days of nothing,

those days of sweet rest,

my hand in yours,

your lips on my cheek,

your eyes on mine,

make everyday,

Summer days.

Coffee talk.

across from me

in conversation

that never waned

no hesitation,

no silent pauses,

no missing beats,

like old friends,

in the street,

and ease of words,

simple banter,

a laugh given,

without falter,

as the night drew old,

a blink of an eye,

another evening,

asleep with the sky;

pass the coffee,

let loose a smile,

we’ll drink it in,

and stay a while.

Love left to wind.

Her love was like a dandelion, she would laugh at that. I don’t mean the flower or the colour yellow, but the aged white fluffy kind. The kind that looks soft and inviting, like down, fixed on a stem. You reach for it and hold it in your hand, then the wind picks up and it disappears in pieces, reaching for the sky. Funny thing about dandelions, even when they leave, its beautiful.

Washed with Rain.

I feel the rain,

as it falls on face,

washing the sweat,

and bitter taste.

The cold simple rain,

soaking my skin,

a shower from sky,

washing away sin.

I shiver and smile,

and raise hands to the sky,

thanking the clouds,

for passing on by.

Perhaps in the end,

it’s as simple as this,

the rain as soothing,

as a lost love’s kiss.