We follow the line of the horizon

Where the sun leaves the day

Where the night is born in slumber

It’s where our eyes tend to stay.


Coffee talk.

across from me

in conversation

that never waned

no hesitation,

no silent pauses,

no missing beats,

like old friends,

in the street,

and ease of words,

simple banter,

a laugh given,

without falter,

as the night drew old,

a blink of an eye,

another evening,

asleep with the sky;

pass the coffee,

let loose a smile,

we’ll drink it in,

and stay a while.

Inverse of Happy.

There are no rainbows,

Or happy butterflies,

No unicorns or fairies,

Those moments all have died.

I live in darkness,

A state of lost meaning,

I just have no emotion,

A confused and awkward being.

I have lived an endless loop,

Of actions left on repeat,

And in the end it kills me,

Every repetitive beat.

So I say goodbye dear,

And leave a pattern played,

The truth is so simple,

I never should have stayed.