The sky was once blue

The water was once clean

The rain…well…it didn’t burn

And there was grass, green grass.

I remember a thing called tree,

And wishing the summer days would last.

I remember the outdoor smell

Before the scent of grime.

I remember fish that swam,

Before the layer of oil.

I remember a world of light.

Before the world lost the fight.

Shed a tear

The end is near.





Cooling Days

the wind picks up
the cooling breeze
the darkening nights
and coloured leaves
it’s so tired
the warming sun
perhaps it’s happy
it’s job is done
time for blankets
and coats with down
hats and scarves
wait for snow on the ground

I love this time
resetting life
slowing the days
lengthening the night
soon a tree
trimmed and lit
a man in red
with a knee to sit
and songs play
with cheer and mirth
for the jolly man
of generous girth

I love this time
every single year
cooling days
and loved ones near

Imagine…channeling Lennon.


if only for a moment,

a world of perfect smiles,

of warm hearts,

and friendly nods,

to the old man,

the beggar,

no walls of colour,

no veils of wealth,

just simply,


holding on,

to a love.

to a hope.

to a joy.

of you and I,

in an embrace of billions!


what we could do…

Dreams of Grandeur.

I was a tree, tall and full of life. I gave shade to the weary and bore fruit for the hungry. I was home to creatures and a place to play for children. I was happy and alive.

I was a mountain, towering and proud. I marked the world with beauty. I was the boundary of lands. I blocked out the sun with my stoney face. I was powerful, and I was alive.

I was an ocean, as big as your eyes could see. I moved with the moon and was home to billions. I fed a world and I made the rain. I was everywhere and I was alive.

I was the wind, fast and free. I traveled the world light as the air. I was warm and cold. I could freeze and melt. I pushed clouds with the exhale of my breath. I flew and I was alive.

I was just me, a man unmarked. Just one of the crowd, unremarkable. I longed for something, anything unique, but in the end I could only dream. I sleep to be alive.


Sun Break.

The sun shined; filtered through the dense leaves of the forest. The light seamed to come down in speckled drops of diamond dust. It spread across the thick layers of old leaves making the ground come alive, like a thousand fireflies dancing through the wood.

This was a magic time, a time where nature dispelled the truth of the modern world that surrounded it. It could almost pretend it was once more the true owner of the world. The trees breathed deep, trying to remember the air that was.

The animals dared to tread outside their homes, hoping that a miracle had occurred and the cries of those that trespassed were truly gone forever. the world was not owned by what was…it now was ruled by what would be.

As quickly as the sun-kissed the earth, a cloud devoured it’s light and the dense choke of smog returned, reminding the trees of what was lost. The cries of those that trespassed returned to the small patch of trees and all that lived there hid themselves once more.

This was the way of the new world.