Deliver to us

Down the slippery slope

Of dreams and imaginings

Left to the winds above

Do we stay on a path

Unknown to us all

Do fly in the face

Often denied

Lift off our feet

To float in the air

Beyond what we thought

Beyond what we dare

No hate

No money

No war

No revenge

Just bliss and love

Until we wake from the dream.



There is silence in the wind

Across a field of quiet grass

There is a hush upon the waves

That run against the sand

There is nothing left to hear

When words are left to hang

There is no anger left to spurn

In the solitude of one.


I watch the petals
Blow in the wind
Like moments of my life
Leaving me.
They flew on the  air
And I said my farewells
Letting each memory go
With the wind.
I miss some petals
They once made a flower
A gift that was given
In friendship.
Some fly lazily
Not quick enough for me
For a few are stained
Blood red.
But they all were parts
Of what  made my past
As I watch I smile
For a new flower.


Love left to wind.

Her love was like a dandelion, she would laugh at that. I don’t mean the flower or the colour yellow, but the aged white fluffy kind. The kind that looks soft and inviting, like down, fixed on a stem. You reach for it and hold it in your hand, then the wind picks up and it disappears in pieces, reaching for the sky. Funny thing about dandelions, even when they leave, its beautiful.